2012: realizing the goal of filming the WonderlandI have no urge to become one of the many news stories of late of people being pulled out dead for trying to recapture their lost youth in their '60's.

This quote is taken off a hiking forum by an individual who is in his 60's, responding to someone's post. It got me to thinking about this 60s blog I'm doing and what my motivations are for it. Am I trying to recapture my lost youth? Am I attempting things beyond my capabilities based on my age? Far from it. First of all my youth is not lost, I had a great time and did some cool things. Perhaps I'm not satisfied with looking forward to a more sedentary lifestyle because I'm "supposed to." I'm extremely lucky in that I am mechanically sound, with no major problems, no past surgeries, no major health concerns, and at an appropriate weight. I didn't start really exploring more hard core pursuits until my late 30's, and it has been an extremely satisfying and rewarding journey, not to mention educational. Turning 60 is only a milestone in that it's an even number and cries out for a party or a commemoration (many thanks to my wife who threw me a real surprise B'Day party!). It is only in this light that I am thinking of pursuits to mark the occasion, but these pursuits are based on decades of experience and education. There is no reason why we can't keep stretching out of our comfort zone and attempting things that are hard as we age. Sure I have to make allowances for the physical realm....I need to make sure I get plenty of rest in that my recovery time lengthens like shadows in a setting sun. I need to pay more attention to nutrition and hydration (really, I need to pay more attention). Understanding waning physicality in the pursuit of hard core is paramount. Staying in the bounds of safety and actually enjoying the pursuits can only be done if one is in touch with limitations. This is not to say I won't push myself into the all too familiar suffer zone, for this is one of the things I have come to embrace. But I'm not recapturing anything, I am enjoying life at this moment, setting goals and working towards them, really no different than my life since I could reason. Perhaps someday I may try to "recapture my 60's"?