Trail sign above Klapatche Park….still there after all these years

Trail sign above Klapatche Park….still there after all these years

My first project on the Wonderland Trail was filmed in 2005 and 2006, just prior to the devastating floods that changed some aspects of the trail (mostly river crossings). The contents include 7 sections entitled the Trail on Foot, the meat of the project. These sections include some of my observations at the time on clothing, poles, and the Bank of Pain. For something unique, check out the Aerial Overview (more comprehensive than the shorter version available in the Enhancement Section). where we take two turns around the mountain, corkscrewing higher to include lower and upper elevation features. Also included are side trips to Camp Muir, Moraine Park, Burroughs Mountain, Grove of the Patriarchs and the Fremont Lookout. Rounding out the project is the short Outtakes clip and the short film, won • der • land with original music. Although filmed in Standard Definition, this project still includes plenty of eye candy, a splash of humor, and some glimpses of preflood river crossings. Bottom line, the Wonderland Trail remains much the same as the first time I set foot to it. Music credits: Dan McInerney, Jon Hamar, Forrest Kinney, Darrell Dodge, David Demsey (Dexter Morrill), William Picher

AERIAL OVERVIEW An aerial overview of Mt. Rainier with two turns around the mountain, one at lower elevations that includes narrative tidbits and information, the second taking in the exquisite topography of the upper mountain's glaciers and stone.

  1. LONGMIRE TO EMERALD RIDGE Over the Rampart Ridge we go, through Indian Henrys and across the Tahoma Creek suspension bridge. Good grousing, too.

2. EMERALD RIDGE TO MOWICH LAKE I take a break at Klapatche Park to talk about the BANK OF PAIN. Nice sunset views at the North Puyallup, a little night hiking discussion in Silver Forest, and I reflect on Golden Lakes.

3. Mowich Lake Circle (Spray Park, Ipsut Creek, Carbon River) Some real nice views here through Seattle and Spray Park, and Craig and I partake of a little fat and salt. Bubbling creeks and splashing rivulets, my daughter "eats" a pine cone, what's not to like?

4. CARBON RIVER TO SUNRISE Fresh snow, massive avalanche, howling coyote, the Optimistic Measuring System, Mt. Fremont, Burroughs Mountain, bear talk and attacking squirrels.

5. SUNRISE TO PANHANDLE GAP Some talking in this one, cotton kills and footware. No snow on the Panhandle Gap and a good critter count.

6. PANHANDLE GAP TO REFLECTION LAKES After experimenting with fires underwater and camping at Indian Bar, I talk about my clothing choices at that time, which actually haven't changed that much. A little moist on the Cowlitz Divide and I give tips on water sources on this dry section. This ends with a great shot of a rising moon; standard def is still good if you have good glass.

7. REFLECTION LAKES TO LONGMIRE Lots of fall season showing through on this leg to finish it up, and you'll hear angels around the Paradise River. Bonus trip, a good look at the Camp Muir hike at over 10,000 feet, and even a glimpse higher with a close up of rock and ice.

OUTTAKES Sometimes filming doesn’t go according to plan

won • der • land A short film compiled from footage amassed during filming (original music)