About Willis Wall

striking the pose on the Wonderland Trail, 2013I'm an average Joe who enjoys the outdoors immensely. I enjoy challenges. I can embrace suffering. I'm almost 60 years old. I was a music major in college, and write all the music for my productions. I'm an amateur filmmaker, with multiple finalist entries at Banff, Kendal, Edinburgh, and Taos. I practice Kendo. I've summited Mt. Rainier a few times. I've run Boston and Western States. I enjoy doing stuff with my (now grown) kids.

When I was asked to produce a DVD, Kendo Basics, for Marsten Sensei (7th Dan Kendo), I needed to establish a legitimate business as a vehicle to sell them. One of my favorite places in Mt. Rainier National Park, which I have been hiking since 1984, is on Curtis Ridge overlooking the Willis Wall and the Carbon Glacier. Hence the name.

I continually experiment with different ways to film to provide the viewer with decent production values. Concerning outdoor subjects, my goal is to present my views as a tool for people who are seeking knowledge: one of the best tenets of Kendo is to steal other people's techniques and take them on as your own, seeing what works for you and what doesn't. So it is for backpacking or fastpacking, glean what you can from the myriad videos and blog entries you will find here; I'm presenting what works for me, but it is imperative for the viewer to try, experiment, and see what works for them. In Kendo there is the concept of "giri" or giving back to the Kendo community, helping others as so many have helped you. Consider these pages backpacking giri.

son mens dadWhy Charge? I don't make a living from this, this is all extra time for me. There are costs associated with websites and production. I have narrowed down pay for products to those that are the most unique, cost the most to produce, and hopefully provide the most bang for the buck, concentrated in the Everything Wonderland: Fabulous Products pulldown. Nowhere else can you tour every foot of the Wonderland Trail or explore every backcountry campsite in panoramic video. Moving maps, elevation indicators, date/time stamps, personal insights gleaned from hiking the Wonderland Trail upwards of 30 times, none of this can be found in any journal or book.




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