Hurricane Ridge Road Bike (Olympic National Park): August-2019

I filmed this classic climb and descent in September of 2015. However, with the newer iteration of GoPro (Hero 7 Black), the quality is so much better that I have retired that first video and replaced it with this. The Hero 7 has such good internal software stabilization that I was able to author this video in 2.7K, the same format I used for recording. I have also embraced the wider view versus the 960 video I have used in the past for biking. But enough about these technical tidbits, let’s consider this climb/descent, arguably one of the finest in Washington State. For my jaunt the start/stop point was a hotel in Port Angeles, WA, making for a 40 mile ride with 5,400’ of climb/descent. This road is in excellent shape and my early start enabled me to leave the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center (Olympic National Park, 5242’ elev) at 9:30 AM. Downhill traffic was light but lots of cars and other cyclists were noted on their ascent. My stats showed consistent speeds of 30 to 38 MPH on the descent. Of note, the steepest grade is actually the first 5 miles of the road until reaching the entry kiosk to the park. The road is slightly over 17 miles long.

Seattle to Portland (STP) 2019: 40th Anniversary

On the 2019 STP with buddy Craig

On the 2019 STP with buddy Craig

The video at the end of this article includes snippets from the 2019 40th running of Seattle To Portland (STP), 206 miles. In line with complaints from last year, this year the Cascade Bicycle Club limited the entries to 8,000 (from 10,000); it did in fact seem a bit less crowded. Although the route went through the Ft. Lewis part of JBLM (Joint Base Lewis McChord), we really liked the rest stop a few years ago at McChord, absent again this year. This ride entails modest elevation gains (4,700') so some would consider this a fairly easy ride. This year we saw a unicyclist and a father/son skate pair. The ride has a fun air to it and everyone seems to enjoy themselves. You’ll see plenty of bike videos on, as I still find biking an excellent complement to an overall fitness program. Plus, it’s just plain fun. Last year I did STP on my gravel bike (Salsa Cutthroat Rival) but dusted off the vintage Trek 5500 for 2019. If you would like a comparison to the 2014 STP, you can access the video here.

Skiing the Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler B.C.

Superb weather trumped so so snow conditions on a January 29th, 2019 at Whistler. From past experience I knew that we’d have the sun at our backs, casting long shadows across the snow in the downhill direction. An added bonus was a stop to view the ice cave that resides at the terminus of the Blackcomb Glacier. I personally am not inclined to enter these caves, but many do. I was also testing the GoPro Hero 7 Black (chest mounted), which was a Christmas gift. I am quite impressed with the video quality and stabilization of this newer generation, especially compared to past models I have owned: Hero 2, Hero 3 Black and the Hero 5 Black. The improvements are quite noticeable, with no necessity to add software stabilization in post production. These sequences were filmed in 2.7K at 60 FPS with a flat profile, so I did employ basic color correction. The audio is also greatly improved….the “scritching” you can hear in this raw audio is due to my jacket zipper around the camera, as I had the camera harness on an inside layer.