Original Music

Willis Wall writes, records and produces nearly all the music in the WW videos and short films. Using a combination of live instruments along with live playing/drumming via midi controllers, the music is then manipulated and polished via computer software. The Willis Wall library of virtual instruments is comprehensive; these are meticulously sampled instruments that can be played via the keyboard or percussion controllers. With a music major background and experience playing classical, funk, rock and jazz, productions can be tailored to the video. Many examples of this can be heard and seen under the Complete Video Guide. However, I offer some films and videos on this page as immediate examples. I have also collaborated with Seattle Guitarist Dan McInerney (who provided guitar tracks for UFO) and Darrell Dodge (vocalist from Tampa). Local bassist Jon Hamar provided the lines for the short film "My Wonderland." Check out the Audio Files under this music pulldown for more examples. For a consolidated comprehensive list check out this blog article.

I also write all the music for the Grant Tour Series, you can listen to the segment specific music after each video.

I borrowed from the Willis Wall music library to make this 2015 video compilation.

UFO (2005) was my first short film, a finalist at Banff (Mountain Film Festival), Kendal and Taos, winning the Banff Audio Post Production Award. Guitar work by Dan McInerney.

Walkin' the Wonderland is part of the comprehensive Wonderland Trail Complete Series. Normally part of a paid product, I present it here for viewing and listening.

The short film Trail Scat was a finalist at the 2011 Kendal Mountain Film Festival. The big band music accompaniment was written for backup to the spoken word.

There is the saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. Windscreenings was a finalist at the 2014 Kendal Mountain Film Festival, essentially phone camera video taken at 35,000 feet when stunning views presented themselves. On this music I went "tribal."