Willis Wall Songs and Instrumentals

I've been working in the studio lately after a break and compiled two playlists on Soundcloud, one for a song sampler and one for instrumentals. After all this is Willis Wall "Multimedia" and a lot of work goes into music production for my videos. I also like to have fun in the process. If you like slighly bent music and not so love songs, give a listen. Vocals by Darrell Dodge and May Palmer (Gimme a Latte). Additional instrumental work by Dan McInerney (guitar). These are in no particular order, but the latest are Bolerow, Settee and B'roke, with remastering on some previous songs like Paranoia and Enumclaw Love. Core music by the Willis Wall Trio, who shall remain anonymous. To aid in listening, these are the songs with vocals:

Gimme a Latte•  Enumclaw Love •  Never be so Lucky •  Paranoia •  So Special •  3 of Us