Paradise to Camp Muir (Mt. Rainier)

This is a classic Mt. Rainier hike, starting at Paradise (5400') and climbing the Muir snowfield to Camp Muir (10,100'). On a good weather day the danger is from severe sunburn if skin is exposed and/or sunscreen is forgotten. In bad weather this section can be fatal if unprepared. This first video is a time lapse of the entire hike, captured from a shoulder mounted helmet cam. At only 6 minutes long, it represents a straight push of 2 hours and 55 minutes, shot on a pleasant day in April 2015.

This second video shows the same route (starting at 8300') going downhill, captured from a ski mounted camera on May 21, 2014.

This third video (shot on June 16, 2013) shows typical conditions on the downhill portion on foot, utilizing slop running and plunge stepping. I typically wear trail running shoes but with waterproof socks, sometimes with gaiters depending on the depth of the snow. The usual caution for this hike is be prepared for suddenly changing weather....I've seen bluebird days turn nasty in a hurry with thunderstorms or biting sleet pelting you in the face as you head downhill, severely restricting visibility.