Custom Tools: Zimmerbuilt packs

Zimmerbuilt modified Hybrid Daypack/custom front packI've been refining my gear continuously, and for 2015 I wanted a simple system for both training and hiking. I just test ran my Zimmerbuilt custom configuration of packs with a 28 mile bike/hike to Summerland with very gratifying results. I had Chris make some simple modifications to his Hybrid Daypack: compression straps and a small dyneema pocket. My use has me carrying a small tripod, umbrella, trekking poles or (in future) a ZPacks hiking staff. When scrambling or when I need hands free, the lack of compression straps and/or pocket makes it hard to stow these items on my other small packs. I am also an avid front pack user, so I had Chris make me a custom front pack that matches the Hybrid Daypack, backed by some mesh to aid in the sweat factor on my chest. I found this combo to be very stable and useful; on my Summerland trip I stowed an ice axe and a single trekking pole, carried crampons and winter clothing, plus electronics and food. I also ran most of the return trip with minimal bounce. The front pack is just the right volume and thickness to not interfere with sighting trail under foot. Also, when we arrived at a solution via email and I paid the very reasonable invoices, I had the packs in hand within a week.

Zimmerbuilt packs on winter hike