Testing the legs on a 28 mile day: ONP

crossing Pirites Creek, ONPThis past Sunday (2/22/15) I decided to test out the conditioning and legs on a planned 26 mile day, but added a couple more in because of poor planning. This trip to Enchanted Valley in Olympic National Park was a perfect tester and trainer, without worry of much elevation gain and loss. Although I was rather stiff getting out of the car on the return trip for a coffee reload, by the next evening I was feeling rather good and enjoyed an hour of Kendo without Advil. I was able to continue trotting on the later portion of the hike, and this is a good sign. My aim is to be able to handle 30+ mile days with significantly more elevation gain and loss in 16 hours or less, enabling me to get 8 hours of rest on any endeavor I undertake. On this hike I carried my larger and heavier panasonic GH2 camera and the Zimmerbuilt packs. One thing I have to address is the backpack jacket attachment system, which works perfectly but in actual use my jacket strapped there attracted a bunch of ground and tree gunk when I took it off and set it down. I may have to resort to packaging an attached jacket in a cuben stuff sack for protection, but this is a minor point.