Mt. Rainier Grand Tour

I did a series of hikes last year which I named Mt. Rainier: The 7Up Hikes. These laid the groundwork for a more ambitious project I have in mind for my 60th year, what I call the Mt. Rainier Grand Tour. I won't be doing the Wonderland this year, but I'll be on it a fair amount. The Grand Tour will take me off trail quite a bit, repeatedly probing up to higher elevations via snow fields and cleavers. The highest spot will be Camp Muir at 10,100 feet, followed by Steamboat Prow at 9700. I won't be camping in any of the established campgrounds, in fact I won't be "camping" at all. I am assembling a throw down sleep system where I will rest at strategic intervals. I may break this trip into two parts, where I start at Sunrise and proceed CCW to Longmire. This will be a solo trip, my pack will be tiny and filled mostly with food. Once my system is assembled and tested, I'll write about it.

This sojourn will go substantially beyond what one encounters on the Wonderland, both scenically and physically. Planned stats: 150 miles/50,000' vertical. More later, but here's an overview:

The Mt. Rainier Grand Tour: Beyond the Wonderland