MRNP: Selected Summits - 2019

As I’ve ventured off trail in Mt. Rainier National Park I’ve compiled video from most of these sojourns over the past 5 years. This compilation of video (supplemented by a few stills) includes 35 high points and summits. Here’s the list in order: Burroughs Mountains, Skyscraper, Mt. Ruth, Steamboat Prow, Goat Island Mountain, Curtis Ridge, Aurora Peak, Andrew, Tokaloo Rock, Success Divide/Cleaver, Satulick Mountain, Iron Mountain, Copper Mountain, Pyramid Peak, The Colonnade, Shriner Peak, Brown Peak, Slide Mountain, The Palisades, Antler Peak, Dege Peak, McNeeley Peak, Hessong Rock, Mt. Pleasant, Echo Rock, Observation Rock, Ptarmigan Ridge Prominence, Russell Glacier, Fay Peak, Knapsack Pass, Tolmie Peak, Banshee Peak, Panhandle Gap, Whitman Crest, Meany Crest, plus a no view shot of Gobblers Knob at the end. Please enjoy!