Panasonic LX100 Initial Review

I finally pulled the trigger on the Panasonic LX100 after much consideration. I lugged a GH2, sometimes with good lenses but mostly with a pancake, on many a trip these past few years. Everything is a compromise and I needed a camera with a smaller form factor for backpacking. I'm probably like a lot of users, not quite point and shoot but not real savvy on the ins and outs of manual control. I know the basics of aperture and shutter speed but I'm sure I could get a lot more out of my camera, and consequently a lot better photos, if I spent some quality time with it. The LX100 is versatile enough that it begs further investigation into its guts. A quick search will bring up in depth reviews, but why do I like this camera?

• light weight, small form factor

• fixed lens/quality glass

• telephoto capability (albeit not much)

• macro capability (within 3cm)

• point and shoot if I want to

• full manual control when needed

• EVF (essential with the sun is blazing and reflecting off snow)

• decent sensor for low light

• 4K video

I haven't spent much time in the manual but have had a chance to take it out for a spin. If this is representative of your use, here's a sampling of photo, time lapse and video with no tweaking whatsoever beyond cropping. So far I am quite pleased and hope to up my photo game in the process.

Chandelierflower in greenflowersgreenerymoon over Seattleto seed

Seattle sunset