An Unhappy Viewer

I thought I'd share an email from someone who saw "Great Day For Climbing" on the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. Obviously incensed, it reminded me that if I put something out there and expose myself, I gotta be able to take the heat. It's also an example of people's perception that they can post on the web with anonymity; however, a quick search found this person's resume, jobs, blog and even photos. He who lives in a glass house..........

To the Folks at Willis Wall -

Let it be known that I was laughing continuously for the entirety of your film Great Day for Climbing last evening. Right from the get-go with the use of the old Macintosh standard font to the horrific use of green screen to the worst voice overs EVER I was in absolute stitches. Your blend of completely and totally terrible acting and super-cheese editing makes for a film of a caliber I have not had the opportunity to encounter in quite some time. I send out my gratitude and utmost thanks to you for keeping the humor alive and well in the world of serious action and environmental films.


This was my response:

DELETED, thanks for taking the time to send your comments. In spite of the mean-spirited tone, I actually agree with much of what you are trying
to convey through your articulate sarcasm. It is indeed difficult to
produce something with high quality when one is not backed or has
access to significant budgets. Plus I realize that many people do not
like this avenue of attempted humor and therefore concentrate on the
"cheese" factor versus the content. I watched this on the big screen
at Banff and was disappointed with the look, and wished I could have
shot in HD, contracted for audio post production, color correction,
etc. Unfortunately, this was not possible as I have an active family
and impending college expenses.

I also realize that if I'm going to put something like this out there,
I have to take the heat. Your email simply underscores my own
concerns. Hopefully in the future I can better realize ideas/content
with my limited resources. However, I certainly appreciate venues like
Banff and Kendal, probably the two most prestigious mountain festivals
in the world, who give opportunities to "the little guys." For years I
have seen the Banff films and certainly some I have thoroughly
disliked, probably for different reasons than yourself. If I manage to
be a finalist at Banff for a third time and get chosen for the world
tour again, I encourage you to email me with your thoughts.