Mt Rainier: The 7Up Hikes

This is a consolidation of the 4 hikes I did in the summer of 2014. They are so named because I wanted to take advantage of off trail travel, loops if possible, and destinations that take the hiker over 7000 feet. Every one is doable as a day hike if one is in good shape. No special skills or equipment are needed outside of mild scrambling. Early season might require the use of an ice axe. These trips explore parts of the park and incorporate vistas well beyond what one experiences doing the Wonderland Trail. Each hike is written up in the williswall blog, but I have consolidated them here. If you are curious about gazing down on gaping crevasses, marveling in the world of rock and ice, see the mountain up close for a completely different perspective, and in going places few hikers go (percentage wise of all the hikers in the park), then you might be interested in these sojourns. However, the variations can be many; these are only a sampling of what is possible in this amazing place. These four day hikes total 85 miles and 25,000 feet of elevation gain.

NOTE (Sep 18): although written as simple trip reports with photos, I captured video in 2.7K on each of these hikes. The entire series will become available soon as a paid product (very reasonable price) on Vimeo's Video On Demand.