Biking Rainier: West Side Road

Mt. Rainier National Park's West Side Road was originally envisioned as part of a motorcar road that would encircle the entire mountain. This idea was eventually abandoned, dynamiting the bridge that spanned the North Puyallup River and, sometime in the 80's, letting the road from Klapatche Point to the North Puyallup Camp revert to trail status (I used to day hike this area driving to the North Puyallup parking lot, 1983-1987). This video is an entire transit of the 9 mile section of the West Side Road from the (original, now moved further down road due to boulder from Mt. Wow danger) parking lot to Klapatche Point, filmed on the downhill portions for expediency. To target viewing, use this guide:

00:00-01:38 Sampling of uphill at beginning of West Side Road
01:38-14:10 Round Pass to low point past So. Puyallup River
14:10-15:36 final ascent to Klapatche Point
15:36-21:18 Klapatche Point to St. Andrews Creek
21:18-28:53 St. Andrews Creek to low point
28:53-46:25 Round Pass to Dry Creek Trailhead

Significant improvements have been made to the West Side Road, with emphasis on the first section from the gate for about a mile, which includes a new vehicle bridge over Fish Creek.  In 2015 a portion of the road next to Tahoma Creek was washed out, necessitating a bike carry through the creek bed to continue on. The following video shows a side by side comparison over this section.