Big milestone for me, turning 60 years old. Welcome to my understated, non advertised journal. I wanted to put down some thoughts on entering the twilight years and what I have in mind to celebrate. Maybe very difficult, kick ass trips and excursions that will test me like I haven't been tested since my 40s. An excellent excuse to pick up some new gear. Do a few things I've been thinking about for some time. Not gonna say right yet, but my training is concentrating on leg strength and endurance. Think I'll write about various topics like training, specific equipment targeting my goals, mental fitness and, eventually, exactly what I have in mind to propel me into the agony and glory of suffering towards these goals, 'cause we all need goals or eventually sink into the couch watching Netflix and sipping martinis thinking that the fire is cozy and I'll just put off going outside in the rain and cold or going to the gym when I'm stiff and shuffling in compensation, there's always tomorrow. Except when you turn 60, tomorrow is already behind you. Better get it in gear. All for now.