Biking Stevens Canyon Road: refining camera techniques

I have an ambitious project this year, which is to update my Wonderland Trail DVD with new products that are very comprensive. I've become somewhat of a video archiver for Mt. Rainier National Park and am planning on covering every foot of all the trails. A recent trip to the park had us biking the west side road and experimenting with filming the Kautz Creek trail, snow free until 3900'. This process is to finalize how to cover the trails, how many cameras to use and in what configuration, how to stabilize moving shots, what settings to use for recording with final output in mind (24, 30, 48 or 60 FPS? Tall, wide, 1080 or 720?). The problems are many but not insurmountable. However, I need to have the system down pat and be consistent. I am very close with bike video and put together this short example of a fast downhill section of the scenic Stevens Canyon road, my fun reward after a day of fiddling, hiking and filming. Enjoy the quick ride!