Kendo Basics

KENDO BASICS now available on demandKendo Basics was originally published in 2005 as a DVD. The essential contents of the DVD can now be viewed, either as a rental or a purchase, as a Video On Demand. Originally offered at $29.95, the purchase price has been reduced to $14.99 where one has either unlimited access to the videos or they can be downloaded. A trailer is available on the VOD page for an overview.

Kendo Basics is the brainchild of Marsten Sensei, kyoshi nanadan (black belt-7th dan). This comprehensive video covers footwork, grip, swing, warmups, combining techniques, and kirikaeshi including common errors. Marsten Sensei also addresses the viewer in instructional techniques in the Instructor's Guide chapter. Marsten Sensei is a respected leader in the promotion of Kendo throughout the United States. He is currently the Head Coach of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) women's team, PNKF advisor, and was President of the All United States Kendo Federation from 1994 to 2000 and Director of the International Kendo Federation from 1997 to 2003.



New Product Development: Kendo Leadership Seminar

Seminar participants from across the USIn September of 2011 Marsten Sensei (kyoshi 7 dan) and Stroud Sensei (kyoshi 7 dan) spent 5 days sharing their views and experience on subjects including instruction techniques, shinsa, shimpan, founding and developing kendo clubs and various other subjects. Capturing the entire seminar with 3 cameras and a Lavalier mic, I have an enormous amount of HD video to be compiled into lessons available for download (at very reasonable prices, TBD). This project will be ongoing over the course of the next year, but I'll be releasing products as they are edited and available for download. Please contact me through the site if you wish to be put on a list announcing each product as it becomes available. This seminar was packed with "gems" that any kenshi would be interested in.