Biking Rainier: Misc. Rides

This video covers rides not included in the major climbs and descents in the park. Most of this footage was shot when the roads were not open to public vehicles, including the short section from Highway 410 to Mt. Rainier's White River entrance. To target viewing, the following lists the specific sections and minute marks:

1. Lower West Side Road: This first 3 miles of the road, with 1000 feet of climb, is usually open in the summer season. Filmed before the gate was open on a sunny April day: 00:00 - 09:27

2. White River Campground to White River entrance: filmed when road crews had plowed and were in the process of clearing debris, but otherwise void of people, a good time to access these areas of the park before vehicles are allowed: 09:27 - 27:53

2A. Highway 410 to White River entrance: filmed during the low snow year of 2015 on February 11: 27:53 - 32:57

3. Chinook Pass to Cayuse Pass: Chinook Pass marks the northern entry to the park on Highway 410, and descends over 3.5 miles to Cayuse Pass, losing 800 feet. Cayuse Pass is also the intersection with SR 123, taking the rider south on the eastern side of the park: 32:57 - 41:58

OVERVIEW and STATS: 42:00 - 43:15

Smooth pavement characterizes this short 5.5 mile section from Longmire to the West Side Road with an elevation loss of 600 feet.