Biking Rainier: Paradise to Longmire

Mt. Rainier is a training ground for many things but the biking is sometimes overlooked, except for the annual RAMROD event (Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day). I like to sometimes bike from Longmire to Paradise, a 2600 foot climb, perhaps hike to Camp Muir (at 10,100'), and be rewarded at the end of a hard day by the wonderful downhill bike from Paradise to Longmire. This is best done early or late in the day during the summer, or on an off time like this video (mid week Feb 26) to mitigate traffic problems. In the winter the gate to Paradise is opened at 9:00 AM so all the traffic is uphill. Taking advantage of sparse downhill traffic at around noon, I used 3 cameras mounted Left (Contour Roam2), Center (GoPro Hero2), and Right (GoPro Hero3 Black Edition) to capture this entire 11 mile journey. I use a mountain bike to keep speed reasonable and the fatter tires cope with rough roads, cracks or detritus easier than my skinny tire road bike. Shot in 960 Tall on each camera.