STP '15 Cold

two relics, a plane I flew at one time....STP (Seattle To Portland) indeed was blessedly cool, at least on day 1 and the morning of day 2. But when I say "cold" I mean that there was no training....I took my road bike off the rack in the garage, where it had hung since last summer, wiped it off a little bit, pumped up the tires, and put it on the car rack. It wasn't until I started out from UW with my buddy Craig that I was sure it would even shift. Probably not the best way to tackle 206 miles but the bike is sturdy and presented no problems the entire time. This is more in line with my philosophy this year of tackling hard stuff, and biking to Portland with no training sorta qualifies as hard.

Now, this is not to say I hadn't done any biking whatsoever, as I've been on my mountain bike a few times and occasionally on trip layovers I'll use the gym bikes to go for a 50K. I knew this fairly benign course would present no difficulties with the exception of my butt and my neck....these are the reasons to get some seat time on my road bike and in this respect I paid the price. However, this was another nice ride with a course alteration this year going through McChord and Ft. Lewis, and Craig and I checked out the C-141 Static Display during our lunch stop, reminiscing how we both had flown this particular airplane, and how us and the airplane are now relics of a bygone era. At least we are still functioning though.

hot mochas make up for sore butts