The Climb Back Up

Hopefully the low point is behind me. My only real caution is to prevent my leg from completely extending or compressing to ensure that the scar behind my knee heals properly. With this in mind my daughter and I went for a little stroll a few days ago on a local trail as a test and a photo opportunity. This encouraged me to try the next level. I settled on Glacier Basin in Mt. Rainier National Park as I knew the trail was gentle, we could find places for my daughter to practice some mountaineering techniques, and I could easily turn back at any time. We ended up hiking for 8 miles round trip with a bit over 2000 feet of elevation gain and loss. Today I am pleasantly sore, not at the recovery site but overall muscles that haven't been used for a month. It was a slow day with me cautiously stepping and taking my time, still limping a bit, but it was sooo good to get back outside. We found a nice spot for her to practice self arrest and we continued up the amazingly low snow cover to get in some roped travel practice. Nice to get a boost from the outdoor reenergizer bunny.

total sun coverage!rock break and turnaround point













rock and ice and air, oh my!